best wholesale watches suppliers

Shenzhen Shenghong Technology Co., Ltd

We provide the best wholesale trading with high-quality electronic watches

best wholesale watches suppliers

Stars Series Products – Watch – HD Luminous – Stainless steel made – Water Resistant ATM

best wholesale watches suppliers

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Abide by the principle of honesty and trustworthiness

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Become the industry benchmark

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Become the industry benchmark

Welcome to Shenzhen Shenghong Technology Co., Ltd.

We Have Established Factory

Shenzhen Shenghong Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is a watch wholesale trading company with design capability and production capacity. With a complete factory production chain, strict control of quality, with a mature design and development team. Focus on the traditional mechanical watches, quartz watches, electronic watches and other fields of production and wholesale sales. We provide professional customer manager one-on-one shopping guide service, high-quality after-sales service experience, is committed to let every customer find the right watch.

best wholesale watches suppliers
best wholesale watches suppliers

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We Provide Best Watches

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We have our own factory, looking forward to the international stage to show our strength

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Engaged in the watch industry for many years with professional customer manager for shopping

Best Wholesale Watches Suppliers in China
Since 1983, we have been the best wholesale watches suppliers across all major brand names. With more than 50 distinct brand names, we currently stock thousands of things. Additionally, we provide watch sales at numerous trade exhibitions across the nation each year. However, our entire line of sold goods is certain to be genuine.

Customer satisfaction continues to be our top focus even though we have sold hundreds of thousands of watches on the internet and through our network of wholesalers. With the Jewelers Board of Trade, we are officially registered as the best wholesale watches suppliers. We take pleasure in being the top wholesale watch provider, giving businesses access to a large selection of premium timepieces at low costs.
Genuinely best wholesale watches suppliers
We, as the best wholesale watches suppliers, have become recognized as a reliable partner for distributors, e-commerce platforms, and retailers all over the world. Because of our many years of experience in the field, we stand out as the ideal choice for all of your wholesale watch needs. Thus, thanks to our dedication to providing excellent service, careful attention to detail, and a wide assortment of timepieces.

We provide an unmatched assortment of timepieces to fit every taste and style as the leading wholesale watches provider. Whether your clients like traditional, beautiful designs or modern, athletic models, we have a wide selection to suit every taste. We, as the best wholesale watches suppliers, are sourced from reliable companies and brands that are renowned for their precision, toughness, and craftsmanship.

Our Best Watch Product

High-quality after-sales service experience, is committed to let every customer find the right watch


best wholesale watches suppliers

Stars Series XC5158

Water resistant
Stainless steel
Battery life
Rope strength


best wholesale watches suppliers

/ Fashion – Simplicity


/ Stainless steel made


wholesale Watches for Men

/ HD Luminous


  • What kinds of watches do you provide wholesale?

    To satisfy a variety of customer tastes, we, as the leading wholesale watch supplier, offer a wide selection of watches.

  • Do you only accept large orders, or can I place a smaller order?

    We offer flexible ordering because we recognize that various firms have different demands.

  • What steps do you take to ensure that the timepieces you sell wholesale are of high quality?

    Our top priority is quality. We purchase our timepieces from reliable companies and brands that are renowned for their superb craftsmanship and dependability.

Trust Your Watch to Us, We Provide The Best Warranty and Service!